Tips on Managing Customers Calls Through Local IVR Setup

The interactive voice response, commonly referred to as IVR, has emerged as a critical element in successfully dispensing inbound business calls. Not only does IVR play a key role in balancing out the load of inbound calls to a call center but also emerges as a company’s introductory ‘voice’ to a customer. In that respect, the quality of IVR applications can significantly impact the nature of customer relations you harness over time.

Think about the times, when you called a company’s customer care number only to be greeted by a long-winding string of prompts and ever longer waiting periods before being connected to a customer care representative. Frustration, anger, irritation are some of the common emotions such experiences evoke.
Now that you are running a business enterprise of your own, you must focus on eliminating these unwanted elements from your automated communication process. The answer to this lies in the customer-friendly IVR systems offered by VoiceRules, with focus on tailoring the automated communication process to suit the customers’ requirements. The most important factor here is routing all inbound call to the right agents with minimal time lapse.
Here are some tips on managing international customers through local IVR setup:
National/Local Contact Number
By setting up a local number in whichever country or city your customers are based, not only saves your customers cost when wishing to contact your business, but also portrays a local presence and builds trust. Setting up a local number globally for your business is no longer an expensive option and can be done so in a matter of minutes.

Keep it Concise
Keep the IVR prompts as brisk and concise as possible. Putting your customers through a long-winding process of selecting options and processes is never a good idea. Invest some time in quality research in order to envisage what your customers may really need to get in touch with you for, and customize your IVR response to cater to those needs. Of course, you can’t pre-empt every customer’s unique requirement but have the broad groundwork covered as far as possible.

Use Your Language Carefully
If you are catering to a global audience, the choice of language is a big consideration to bear in mind while having your IVR prompts designed. Using English as the primary language in your IVR prompt is your safest bet in this scenario, as it the most widely spoken and understood language across the globe. Being able to also easily select local languages to greet your customers is also something to consider, and is easily managed with little or no prior experience.

Route calls to skilled members of your team
Using an IVR gives you options. It gives you the power to manage inbound calls and also manage the delivery of outbound calls to any of your team members. These individuals could be office based on working from anywhere.
Being able to be flexible in these scenarios means that you are in control of how you service the person who is calling your business. Controlling what member of your team deals with certain calls means you can provide a more direct support mechanism to your callers when needed.

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