VoiceRules or Skype for your Business?

We are getting lots of inbound enquiries asking how VoiceRules differs from managing phone calls using Skype, so we thought we would outline some major differences here.

Reasons for use

Even though you can use Skype for your Business and Personal phone calls, it restricts you if you are apart of a team or are dealing with several inbound calls from a single or various locations Locally, Nationally or Internationally.

There is no way of managing more than one active inbound call using Skype. Should you not be available or on another call then your caller will be routed to your voicemail.

VoiceRules allows you to manage how calls are managed and routed. If you are an individual or part of a team, you can easily control how calls are directed and answered so you don’t miss a call. Your caller therefore doesn’t have to be transferred to voicemail.


Skype simply connects you to your caller either directly through its app or WebRTC (browser) interface. If you’re not online when the call comes through then it can route the call to a single destination (e.g. your mobile)

VoiceRules has a suite of features depending on how you wish to accept and manage delivery of calls. The platform presents a professional interface to your callers.

Our IVR (Auto Attendant, Virtual Receptionist) greets your callers with a personal message. Then by using their keypad can select from a menu (that is easily preset in our Dashboard) where they want their call to be routed. This call can then be connected to a single destination or multiple destinations irrelevant of where you and your team are in the world.

VoiceRules also offers Standard Call Forwarding, Hunt Groups, Recording of Calls and Playback on the move, Multiple Voicemail Boxes, Unlimited Simultaneous Calls, Unlimited Users, Analytics (track the performance of your calls and phone numbers), Browser Based Dialling/Receiving of calls (WebRTC) and Conferencing.


Skype charges are mostly prepaid, although this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are giving a good deal. Your first minute of any call suffers a ‘Connection Fee’ this can considerably bump up the cost of any call (you can find these charges in their small print).

VoiceRules (on average) charge more than 40% lower than Skype and we don’t just connect calls via any carrier. We in fact only connect with Tier 1 providers around the world so the level of service does not suffer from degradation and quality is always maintained. We guarantee a 99.95% uptime of our service, monitored 24/7, just like any serious telecoms provider should be doing.


You are able to add up to 10 Local, National or International numbers to your Skype account, which you will pay $18.00 per 3 months for each number.

With VoiceRules your month-by-month subscription gives you access to a Global Telephone Platform. Which is basically a Phone System you would expect to find in any serous working environment. The difference with what we do is that our platform not only provides you calls to your business from anywhere but also can be used in line with how your business grows. To add phone numbers start as low a $1.00 (Your first International Phone Number is $FREE) and you can add/remove as many as you need over time.


If you simply want to route calls to one mobile or landline number then you have the option of a number of solutions on the market including Skype and VoiceRules.

IF you need to manage more than 1 phone number from Local, National or International destinations then VoiceRules is what you need. Its not only one of the best priced products on the market, but is also fully scalable and can be used to manage calls to a team whether they are in the same office, or if those individuals are on every corner of the Earth.

The VoiceRules platform gives you and your team freedom to be anywhere and receive calls both through the browser and on your current mobile devices.

VoiceRules is available in a self-service environment. Numbers can be setup on demand with no commitment. Our packages range from $6.00 to $18.00 per month depending on the functionality you require and include an International Number of your choice in various Countries and 1000’s of cities around the world.


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