Love Your Employees?! Set Them Free!

Remote teams are fast becoming normal for the majority of Company working environments and the amount of new businesses following this trend is growing rapidly with around 80% of work contracts that include flexible working options (flexjobs).
Remote work is when a member of your team works outside of a traditional office working environment. This could be at home, in a coffee shop or some other flamboyant location of their choice with Internet access.
Remote workers are also known as telecommuters, virtual staff, cloud workers, home or mobile workers.
Happy Employees are productive
This method of working is quickly becoming the preferred way to work for todays employees with 85% of millennial’s wanting to have the possibility to telecommute 100% of the time, this meets the current and future demands of a younger workforce. (
Working remotely has also shown health benefits for individuals. Staff that work remotely have proven to not only be happier with increased morale but are also less stressed about their work and are more productive when working remotely (
Remote work not only applies to employees but also 1000’s of Entrepreneurs are appreciating the benefits of working almost anywhere around the globe.
Ticking boxes for Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs are fully appreciating the benefits of location independence and as technology is being built daily to support these environments is proving to be a more attractive option for todays Business owners.
Cost savings are high on the list of importance for any new business venture. The ability to work from any location without the need for the normal overheads is saving companies a fortune in startup costs. This allows them to focus their budget on what’s important for their business to help them to succeed in signing up their next customer.
You only have to look at today’s Social Media platforms including Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to get a feel on how these individuals and their teams are working in environments that appeal to their personal aspirations whilst working and getting paid to do so along the way.
Team Collaboration
As new technology is launched to make remote working easier gives employers more options when monitoring staff and customers at the same time.
Tools like Basecamp, Trello and Slack are topping the charts for some of the best remote team management tools on the market. With their slick interfaces and functionality these platforms are extinguishing any worry that business owners may have when considering the management of remote teams.
Is a Remote Working environment right for you?
The option of working in a remote environment may be beneficial to both an employer and its workforce for the reasons outlined, but this doesn’t mean that this way of working is right for everyone.
Some companies still wish to have their teams where they can see them and interact face to face rather than over collaboration tools or video calling with Skype.
With any new exciting ways of doing things unfortunately also brings new challenges. These learning curves may not appeal to a new or current business.
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