Cost-efficient communication management solutions from VoiceRules

Running a start-up or a small and medium enterprise is among the toughest jobs in the world. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, owner of an SME or a freelancer, wearing several hats as you go along managing your business is a routine activity and something that you simply can’t avoid. Small businesses and their owners operate on a shoestring budget. Continue reading “Cost-efficient communication management solutions from VoiceRules”

How To Manage Small Business Communication With Little Or No Infrastructure

A major hurdle faced by most of the SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs is the lack of a self-sufficient and reliable communication systems. Technology has made it possible for enterprises to serve customers on a global scale, hire employees from any international location. Nowadays the same is available to those smaller businesses and also allow them to operate without the need to have a permanent office. Continue reading “How To Manage Small Business Communication With Little Or No Infrastructure”