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Running a start-up or a small and medium enterprise is among the toughest jobs in the world. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, owner of an SME or a freelancer, wearing several hats as you go along managing your business is a routine activity and something that you simply can’t avoid. Small businesses and their owners operate on a shoestring budget.

Communication as an important business tool
Despite the constraints, there’s one thing that no enterprise can avoid – implementing a sophisticated and efficient communication management platform. Finding an effective communications platform that fits one’s budget is a daunting task and despite the claims by several companies operating in this field, there aren’t many options when it comes to the cost-efficient, robust and efficient system. It’s therefore critical to find the right solution to leverage communication as a business tool.
Efficient and Effective
VoiceRules is an innovative communication management solution that aims at delivering low cost and technologically advanced solutions. A communication platform need not be complicated and expensive. Application of sophisticated technology can make it not just easy to implement and manage but also reduces its cost significantly. VoiceRules’ communication platform leverages technology to deliver the best in class services.
High End Features
The primary features of this platform include configuring international numbers with the communication management system to handle inbound and outbound calls, automating the call management process by installing an IVR system and Call Recording. But, the USPs of this platform lie much beyond these basic functions. VoiceRules delivers highly valuable analytical information that is accessible even from your smartphone. The call data, such as the location of the callers, their service requirements, the number of times they called, IVR options selected by them, persons they spoke with and the duration of their calls, are analysed to generate useful and insightful analytical information that can be used for quick and accurate decision making.
All this information is available in real-time and can be accessed from an iOS or Android app. VoiceRules offers enterprise level communication solutions for as low as US$6. The communication network operates seamlessly with Zero Latency, and the calls are routed over reliable networks. The result is uninterrupted, clear and low noise calls and highly synthesised and sophisticated analytical information.
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