Benefits of Telephony for Entrepreneur's and Remote Teams

With the concept of cloud-based solutions for different technological needs fast catching pace, more and more businesses today are migrating from the world of premises-based communication networks to hosted telephony. In the years, business organizations and entrepreneurs had no alternative but to set up the paraphernalia of telephone networks to keep their business operations going, irrespective of the size of the organization.

The investment in installation and upkeep of these telephonic systems often proved to be a costly affair for smaller organization operating with limited financial resources. However, the advent of cloud-based telephonic solutions such as those offered by VoiceRules has changed the way businesses communicate. Here are some key benefits of cloud telephony for entrepreneurs and professional business communication:
Making Business Operations More Competent
Fully interactive communication platforms like those offered by VoiceRules are designed to help entrepreneurs focus on their core business without having to deal with the hassles of having a telephonic network installed and maintained from time to time. Besides, you can use the capital allocated for PBX installation for other aspects of business operations, and avail the most high-end services at a fraction of the cost of traditional PBX systems.
More Services at a Lower Cost
Most start-ups and SMEs launching operations in the present times aim to reach out to a global audience, but their limited financial resources may not allow them to have typical telephone platforms that can support intricate communication network required for a global approach. With a fully supported environment offered by VoiceRules, even the smallest companies can tap the full potential of effective communication solutions through features such as making and receiving international calls, high SMS delivery rate, latency free connectivity, and high voice quality.
Network Outages A Thing of Past
Natural disasters such as storms, floods, earthquakes or even mishaps like a fire breakout can strike anytime and bring your business operations to a grinding halt. However, with cloud-based phone services, you don’t have to grapple with network outages at all. The resilient architecture used by leading players like VoiceRules makes sure that your telephone networks remain unaffected by any natural disaster or accident striking your workplace. You can have complete access to your telephone system should you choose to operate out of a different location in such a scenario.
One of the biggest highlights of hosted telephonic networks is the scope for scalability. You can add infinite users, gain access to high-end features or drop the facilities included in your package by simply upgrading or downgrading to a different package. This means you have the freedom to use and pay for services that are relevant for your business operations at any given time. Allowing your business to grow organically.
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