Cold Call Scripts That Booked 410 Appts In 24 Hrs

Cold calling is hard. Add COVID-19 to the mix, and you have a recipe for disaster. Steal the EXACT cold calling frameworks our customer’s SDRs are using to book over 410+ appointments every day!

According to a report by TOPO, live call execution is cited as the top challenge facing sales development leaders today. Add COVID-19 and you have a recipe for chaos.

Sales leaders have failed to equip SDRs with a repeatable framework and the conversational skills required to hold a relevant and valuable conversation, and then compel a prospect to meet with them.

The underlying issue here isn’t that live calling as a channel is broken, the issue is that it’s being done all wrong.

By applying the frameworks that our customers here at VoiceRules have been using, you’ll be able to have meaningful conversations with your prospects that lead to booked meetings and appointments.

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Author: Josh

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