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A New Call Transfer profile is a simple way to forward calls directly to a phone number, This blog will help you to set a ‘Call Transfer’ profile up and attach it to your numbers.
To Set-up your New Call Transfer go to ‘PROFILES’– ‘NEW CALL TRANSFER – then click the ‘NEW CALL TRANSFER’ key to open up a new profile.
call transfer1.png

Another screen will now appear.
Firstly you can give your ‘New Call Transfer a ‘Name’.
Next, input the number you wish to be dialed when using this profile.
Now you have some options which will manage how callers contact you.
If you wish to have any unanswered calls to go to your voicemail box, click the ‘Transfer to voicemail if unanswered’ box.
Note – you must have Voicemail profiles setup for them to appear in the dropdown menu.
Now you can select whether you want to route all calls ‘All Day’ by selecting that option or you can choose to route calls at certain times of day. If you wish to select a time frame that you can be contacted.
Check the ‘Selected Time’ option.
Then Select the times that you wish to be contacted.
Any calls outside of this time frame will be routed straight to your voicemail.
Next, select from the dropdown the Voicemail box profile you wish to be used for any missed or out of hours calls.
Press ‘Submit’
Now you are ready to use your ‘Call Transfer’ profile.
Once you have created your ‘Call Transfer’ profile, you can attach it to your live numbers via the ‘Dashboard’. Under the ‘Phone Numbers’ section you will see ‘Profile’ with a dropdown box. Your ‘Call Transfer’ profiles will appear here. You can now attach them to any number by simply pressing the ‘Connect’ button. The page will refresh confirming the changes made.

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