Help – Using the VoiceRules Dashboard

The VoiceRules Dashboard is the main point of management for all of your phone numbers and also to see a quick overview of the performance of your numbers, Current Balance and to make Phone Calls.
The Dashboard is used to connect your ‘Profiles’ to your numbers.
Depending on your subscription you are fully able to search past data on calls and costs of calls.
An interactive graph is provided to give you valuable information at a glance regarding how numbers are performing based on the current month. By passing the cursor over the graph will provide you with further detail. More in depth data can be found in the Analytics section of the platform.
Selecting the ‘Start A New Call’ button will open up the virtual dialler in another window, this can be left open for use for outbound calls. The dialler allows you to make calls directly from your browser and choose which ever number you wish to be displayed to the receiver when calling them.
When entering a number remember to include the international dialling code.
To initiate a call either type in manually using your computer keypad or use the dialler keypad provided. You can also select recently dialled numbers from the ‘Quicklist’ to save you time.
Once you have finished your call simply press the red ‘Call’ button.

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