Help – Profiles – Channel/User Setup

Setting up Channel or User profiles allow quick access to these Profiles in your IVR. The distinction between the two is as follows:
Channel’s – This may be a department or a third party. For example you may have your Sales calls answered by a Call Centre in America, and your Customer Service calls answered by your Team in India. Setting up Channels enable you to not only manage how calls are routed but you can also record and monitor the performance of these teams through the VoiceRules Analytics.

User – Add multiple users so as with Channels they become available across the platform. You may have multiple Team members scattered around the world or working Remotely. Setting those members up allow you to monitor who is receiving calls, can record those calls and monitor performance via the VoiceRules Analytics.
To Add a new Channel/User select the ‘New Channel/User’ button.
A pop up box will appear.
Add the ‘Name’ of the Channel or User.
Add the phone ‘Number’ of the Channel or User
Add a short description of the Channel or User
Then click the ‘Submit’ button.
Now you are ready to use your ‘Channel/User’ profiles.
Once you have created your ‘Channel/User’ profiles, you can attach them to your IVR via the IVR profiles. Under the ‘Profile’ section you will see ‘IVR’ select which IVR you wish to ADD or Edit.
A new window will now appear. Select which ‘Key’ you wish to assign the ‘Channel/User’ profile to then when you are ready click the ‘Submit’ button to update that IVR.

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