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Setting up a ‘Hunt Group’ allows your calls to be routed to specific teams or individuals.
When activating a ‘Hunt Group’ the platform will simultaneously dial every person who is connected to the ‘Hunt Group’ profile. The first to answer will accept the call. If the call is unanswered. It will then be automatically routed to a ‘Voicemail’ profile of your choice.

Once set up, ‘Hunt Groups’ will be available in both your IVR or can be directly attached to numbers via the ‘Dashboard’
To Add a new ‘Hunt Group’ select the ‘New Hunt Group’ button.
A pop up box then will appear.
Add the ‘Name’ of the ‘Hunt Group’ profile.
Add a description of the ‘Hunt Group’
Select the ‘Transfer to Voicemail’ box if you wish unanswered calls to be transferred to Voicemail. Then select the appropriate Voicemail box
Note: Voicemail profiles need to be before they become available here
Now input your numbers. You can either select previously entered Channels or Users, or manually key in the numbers (remembering to include the international dialling code), then press then ENTER key on your keypad.
A pop up window will appear asking you to confirm your selection.
Add as many phone numbers as you need to the ‘Hunt Group’.
To remove boxes press the X that appears next to the number when you move your cursor over it.
Then click the ‘Submit’ button when ready to save all.


Now you are ready to use your ‘Hunt Group’ profiles.
Once you have created your ‘Hunt Group’ profiles, you can attach them to your IVR via the IVR profiles.
Under the ‘Profile’ section you will see ‘IVR’ select which IVR you wish to Edit.
A new window will now appear.
Select which ‘Key’ you wish to assign the ‘Hunt Group’ profile to then when you are ready click the ‘Submit’ button to update that IVR.
‘Hunt Groups’ can also be connected directly to inbound phone numbers via the Dashboard.
Under the ‘Phone Numbers’ section you will see ‘Profile’ with a dropdown box. Your ‘Hunt Groups’ will appear here. You can attach the ‘Hunt Group’ to any number by simply pressing the ‘Connect’ button.

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