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Phone Number Features Overview

With more than 55+ features to streamline communications and help you provide outstanding service to your customers.

HD Voice

When your customers reach you on your number (Toll-Free, mobile, local) you'll enjoy crystal-clear conversations. Legal firms never have to worry about missing out on opportunities because of dropped or missed calls.

Live Receptionist

With VoiceRules you can activate your IVR systems to create an interactive menu for your customers. With IVR you can set up options based on digit-based inputs from your customers and direct calls to any of your related departments.

Group Messaging

Initiate and moderate a group chat over SMS with our mobile app. Your thumbs are more powerful than you think with VoiceRules mobile app.

International Dialing

Get the best rates on international calling. From London to Sydney and everywhere in-between, VoiceRules does not have International calling fees.

Text Messaging (SMS)

Text messages sent to your VoiceRules Phone number can be received and displayed in your account inbox. Your incoming SMS is Free.

Multilingual Call Answering

Greet your callers in their native tongue. Choose from 16 different languages. Automatically translate in realtime.

Intelligent Phone Call Management

Easily forward your callers to one or multiple people anywhere in the World using lots of clever functions.

Call Recording

Choose which calls you want to record. Improve your team call handling by monitoring and adjusting techniques.

Why do Sales Teams turn to VoiceRules?

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Simplify number and call management

Managing all the numbers you own across global offices and teams need not involve considerable effort from your IT team or contracts with several network providers. With VoiceRules Contact Center, you can easily purchase local numbers in 100+ regions and monitor usage from the convenience of a single account. The live dashboard will also give you a clear view of ongoing calls, the reps conducting them, and the duration of each call.

Adapt your sales strategy to optimize conversion

Use call recordings, call notes, and consolidated interaction data (for example, responses to email campaigns) with the complete integration to train sales reps and modify your company’s outreach campaigns for maximum effectiveness. With complete context about a prospect, your reps can build on the previous interactions without redundancies.

Minimize busywork to drive sales

Free your sales reps from logging calls and navigating multiple tools so that they can spend more time selling. If prospects ask technical questions, your sales reps can easily transfer calls to support agents on VoiceRules Contact Center without directing the call outside the VoiceRules.

We've helped companies to save over $1 billion on their
contact center.


Improve Sales Conversation With


Multiple Phone Numbers

Provide your reps with numbers in each country they’re targeting to give credibility to their calls.

Call Masking

Give your calls a personal touch by masking your business number with your personal number.

Fully Customizable

Add or subtract features and services anytime.

Increase Your Brand Recognition

“What was that company's phone number again?” Make it easier on your customers and make your brand known with an easy-to-remember premium vanity number, local number, or Toll-Free number.


voice rules system
Advanced Analytics

You can track your live call activity, call/team/number analytics at a centralized place. VoiceRules is an anytime, anywhere, any device phone system for your sales and support teams.

Sound Professional

Choose one of our local, toll-free, or custom phone numbers and stop giving clients your personal mobile number. Manage your business and personal life on one device, but with separate identities.

Never Miss a Call with Call Handling Rules

With VoiceRules’s call routing features, you direct incoming calls based on the time of day or day of the week. Answer on your desk phone, mobile device, or PC.

Keep Your Business Running After Hours

After-hours call routing means no call is ever lost. If a call does go to voicemail, you’ll get an email or text notification so you can react quickly. With our voicemail transcription service, you can even read your voicemail and forward it to others.

voice rules system
Bring Your Own Device (BOYD)

Let your team use their own choice of tech. Easily add new members to your network. Keep all personal contact details private.

Monitoring & Barging

Listen to an ongoing conversation and join the call to provide hands-on assistance to a rep struggling to close the deal.


Adding users, teams, or new business locations can be done so quickly, thus helping you to scale-up with minimum risk. No per-user charge.

Integrate your favourite CRM & Helpdesk

Boost your productivity by integrating with your favorite business tools. No more switching between multiple tabs.

App Integration with VoiceRules

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From entrepreneurs to Fortune 500s, learn how companies around the globe use VoiceRules to build stronger relationships with their customers and change the way they do business.

VoiceRules reviews

" As a software company, we appreciate good design and ease of use so these were key factors in our search for a new provider — it had to feel slick to use. We could set a new member of staff on VoiceRules dashboard in less than 30 seconds — it couldn’t be easier.
We transformed our sales pipeline and flow with VoiceRules."

James Anderson
Managing Director
VoiceRules reviews

" VoiceRules exceptional support team went out of their way to make my small business feel like a Fortune 500 company. They helped my business grow, allowing me to better connect with my customers through calls. I highly recommend VoiceRules because of its approach to working with its customers. "

Sara Clark
Sales & Marketing, Alien Ltd.
VoiceRules reviews

" VoiceRule Contact Center is the first service we’ve used to automate our phone systems and will probably be the last! We’ve seen sales increase by at least 50% month after month thanks to VoiceRules Contact Center.
It's made a massive impact on my productivity and instead of wasting time delegating customer support, I've been able to focus on other important tasks in the company."

Oliver Delgado
Sales Manager
VoiceRules reviews

" The support is amazing, super responsive, and fast! Most everyone there knows exactly what they are talking about and if they don't they escalate quickly. I never feel like I am unsupported or ignored ever "

Susan Anderson
Anderson Reality Group
VoiceRules reviews

" VoiceRules gives our clients a more efficient communication system to reach us even when we exercise normal limits for our personal time. Voicemails to email, business text messaging, and automated menus give our clients better access to our team. Also, it was easy and seamless to scale our team and clients ."

Rose Conroy
Partner, Libero LLP
VoiceRules reviews

" I like how you are able to text as well as call, and that when you text the number their name shows up on the message afterward so you can keep track.
My sales team can dial and I can see those calls in Pipedrive easily. The calendar bookings go in my Google Calendar, which makes my life really easy. "

Adam Zhou
Berkshire Hathaway Realtor
VoiceRules reviews

" The online interface is easy to use and provides us with much more information than previously. We found the VoiceRules team to be enormously helpful and easy to contact. We are so glad we did! VoiceRules provides a far superior product. Not only do we make savings but the ability to use an IVR solution so that we can easily identify which product our customers are calling about has made our response more streamlined. As an online-only business, it's crucial that we are able to present a professional face to customers who contact us by telephone. Initially, we were using Skype but when they ceased greetings we were forced to look for another supplier. "

Lori Miller
VoiceRules reviews

" VoiceRules allowed our law practice to grow quickly by helping us setting up the customer service phone system with their awesomely fast turnaround times. Features like text messaging, vanity numbers, world-wide access, IVR, and transfer call make VoiceRules our #1 telecom partner. We’re able to save over $500 a month with VoiceRules as compared with our previous provider...and the quality is crystal clear! VoiceRules phone system gives a feeling of a big firm impression, even when we were a small team and operation. The auto-attendant and professional voice recording service help running the practice easier. "

Olivia Clifford
Clifford Law
VoiceRules reviews

" The customer service is amazing. The price was half what I was paying previously, and I love getting a text when I receive a new voicemail. Call transfer is easy to set up and setting up the greeting is customizable.
VoiceRules helps us improve our customer care quality and speed up sales – we can call our customers and find out information quicker rather than waiting for their email – we can reach our sales targets quicker too. "

Tammy Brown
Brown Interior Design

VoiceRules Trust  & World Class Security

HIPAA and HITECH Compliant

VoiceRules's service is secured using triple DES encryption, preventing unauthorized callers from breaking in sessions. Any data stored on VoiceRules servers containing protected health information (PHI), such as voicemails with personal medical information, is safely encrypted while at rest.

VoiceRules Platform Security

Information & data is encoded during transmissions. VoiceRules uses secured data centers for everything within our service. These data centers provide high levels of security to ensure that customer data is safe.

VoiceRules & GDPR

VoiceRules is focused on protection, straightforwardness, and high security. From the GDPR point of view, we are focused on conforming to EU information insurance necessities that got enforceable on May 25, 2018.

World Class Security

Premium (EV) SSL Certificates with 256-bit encryption.

 Zero Downtime

VoiceRules service uptime is ≈99.99%

Payment Processing

Payment processing reliability is confirmed by a PCI-DSS certificate of the highest level

VoiceRules Hipaa Compliance
VoiceRules GDPR Compliance
VoiceRules SSL Secure
VoiceRules PCI Compliance
SINCE 2015

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Globally By Over 6000+ Companies

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